Proposing a wonderful bicycle parenting lifestyle with comfortable design and excellent functionality

Functional and durable bicycle gear made from outdoor quality materials

Easy electric air pump

Introducing an easy-to-use electric air pump that can also be used as a mamachari.

Mamachari tires reach the proper air pressure in just 40 seconds even when they are completely empty.

If you set the air pressure and start, you can automatically stop and put in the proper air pressure.

In addition, it is lightweight, compact, and has a stylish design that does not look like an air pump, so it won't get in the way even at your front door.

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Shoulder Rakuchin Mother's Backpack

To cherish my days with you

It is less tiring and you can find what you are looking for quickly

Simple and functional mother's backpack

waterproof raincoat

Introducing a waterproof raincoat from BICYCOVER that makes traveling on rainy days comfortable!

Even on rainy days or on a bicycle, you can spend your busy days comfortably and comfortably.

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  • Comfortable travel on rainy days

    We are developing a raincoat that combines the functionality of authentic outdoor wear with a beautiful silhouette to make traveling on gloomy rainy days more comfortable .

  • Outdoor grade waterproof and breathable

    The entire surface is made of a 3-layer functional waterproof breathable fabric that is also used in full-scale outdoor wear .

  • Comfortable even on rainy and damp days

    The smooth lining made of high-performance 3-layer fabric will not stick to your skin even on rainy days .

    In addition, the side parts that can be opened and closed and the mesh chest pocket ensure breathability, allowing moisture to escape to keep the inside of the coat comfortable.

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