BICYCOVER product repair service regulations / warranty regulations

Adventure Aid Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "our company") provides after-sales service to customers in accordance with the following. The "Repair Service Regulations" and "Warranty Regulations" (hereinafter collectively referred to as "the Regulations") apply to after-sales service.

This regulation applies to BICYCOVER brand products sold in Japan. Some products are not covered by the repair service.

Repair service regulations

Precautions when sending items requested for repair

  • When sending items for repair, please pack them securely so that they will not be lost or damaged. If the product is thought to have been lost or damaged during transportation due to insufficient packaging, we may refuse the repair request.
  • Please remove any items attached by the customer after purchase (protective sheets, protective covers, stickers, decorations such as decorations). If it is not removed, we may not be able to return it for repair reasons.
  • We are not responsible for any accidents that occur during transportation.

About repair

  • We do not accept requests for business trip repairs.
  • Parts that have been replaced for repair will not be returned under any circumstances.
  • In order to ensure the safety and functionality of the product, we may repair the minimum necessary parts at our discretion, regardless of the content of the repair request.
  • Depending on the circumstances of the repair, we may use recycled parts or improved parts.
  • Depending on the circumstances of repair, the product may be replaced.
  • We cannot respond to requests that exceed our quality standards.
  • If the customer subsequently cancels the application for repair and returns the repaired product to the customer due to personal reasons, the product may be in a different state than when it was received.
  • We cannot accept cancellations after repair work has started.
  • Repaired products will be returned by our designated carrier. The return destination is limited to Japan.

Storage period for repair request products

  • If you do not pick up the product for one year after shipment due to your own reasons, we will dispose of the product.
  • If we are unable to contact or return the customer information (address, name, phone number, etc.) due to omissions or errors, etc., the We will dispose of the requested product for repair.

When to refuse replacement or repair

  • In the case of water leakage excluding peeling of waterproof tape.
  • If there are traces of remodeling, repair, etc. that were not carried out by us.
  • If there is evidence of abnormal usage.
  • When our company judges that it is difficult to maintain the function even if it is repaired due to severe damage and deterioration.
  • If there is intentional damage.
  • In the event that requests for repairs for multiple products or requests for repairs due to the same defect continue for a certain period of time.
  • If the Company determines that it is appropriate to refuse replacement or repair other than the above.

About repair fee

  • In principle, it will be repaired free of charge.
  • The customer is responsible for the return shipping fee to the repair service.
  • We will bear the return shipping fee from the repair service to the customer.

    Other notes

    • We do not sell individual repair parts.
    • We are not responsible for any damage caused by the failure or repair of this product, except as required by law.
    • "Repair service regulations" are subject to change without notice.
    • This repair service may be terminated without prior notice for the convenience of our company.

    About customer harassment

    When receiving inquiries about repair products, please refrain from doing anything that exceeds the scope of socially accepted norms as a means of fulfilling the customer's request. If our company determines that these actions have taken place, we may refuse to replace or repair the product.

    Warranty regulations

    In addition to the "Repair Service Regulations", the "Warranty Regulations" apply to products within the warranty period. Please be sure to read the "Warranty Regulations" before requesting after-sales service.

    • Under normal usage, we will repair free of charge during the warranty period in the unlikely event that a failure occurs. The return shipping fee to the repair service will also be borne by us.
    • The warranty period is six months from the date of product delivery. There is no change in the warranty period after repair. If there is an extended warranty as a benefit, it will be the period.
    • If you wish to repair the product free of charge under the warranty, you must contact us by email or LINE official account.
    • Even during the warranty period, if repair support for the product you purchased has ended, we will not be able to repair it.
    • Repair is not possible in the following cases even during the warranty period.
    • (1) Failure or damage caused by improper usage.
    • (2) When failure or damage occurs due to dropping during transportation or movement after purchase, or improper management or storage.
    • (3) Failure or damage due to breakage (including liquid crystal cracking), water wetting (corrosion), dropping, impact, pressure, contamination with foreign matter, etc.
    • (4) Failure or damage caused by fire, earthquake, wind and flood damage, lightning, salt damage, gas damage, abnormal voltage, or other force majeure.
    • (5) In addition, when we reasonably determine that repair is not possible.
    • In the event that repair is requested after the warranty period has expired, the customer is responsible for the shipping charges for the product to be repaired.
    • "Warranty Regulations" are subject to change without notice.

    Examples of warranty coverage for bicycle covers

    The fabric is greatly torn → Target.
    Damage to buckles, buttons, and drawcords → Target.
    Water stop tape peeling → Target.
    A small hole due to a fall, etc. → Not applicable.
    Leakage of fabric → not covered.
    Rust on metal parts → Not applicable.